About Us

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Company Information

TG Worldwide Ltd is an outsourced direct sales & promotions company. Established in 2005 our aim is to increase brand awareness and customer acquisitions. This is carried out on behalf of multinational corporations, charitable and sporting organisations. As of April 2013 there are over 110 people involved in all stages of the company based in Manchester, London and most recently Birmingham. Based on customer acquisitions up until the end of 2011 TG Worldwide generated approximately £115 million in new business on behalf of our Energy clients. Since October 2008 through acquiring new donors TG has generated approximately £25 million on behalf of our charity partners. During 2012 we represented a sporting organisation, which helped British athletes attend last years London Paralympic Games. TG Worldwide also works alongside a Premiership Football Club and raises funds for numerous health organisations. Our continual goal is to create opportunities for individuals to develop their knowledge, skills and experience within the industry and ultimately improve their lifestyle. For TG this means further expansion in our existing cities as well as new locations around the UK.

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.
Here at TG we believe we can create the future we desire. It will be created through our vision, skill-set and hard work.

Our Mission

Over the next two years TG Worldwide intends to expand internationally beginning with the USA.

Opening an office in the world’s largest economy creates the opportunity for unprecedented growth and opportunities for everyone involved within TG Worldwide.

Ultimately TG intends to represent clients within a network of over 100 locations globally

Being contracted to to the world’s largest Face-toFace direct sales agency, Appco Group, TG Worldwide could currently represent Clients in over 25 countries. Thus allowing for maximum growth potential.

Long-term expansion has no limit.

We believe at TG that with hard work, determination and a positive attitude towards self-development anything is possible.