Our Culture

We believe in making you better

Here at TG we believe that everybody has the potential to achieve great success.

Our culture encourages individuals to be proactive towards self-development thus enabling them to set themselves up for future accomplishments. Direct Promotions and Sales are not for everyone. The amount of effort one person is willing to give will always be reflected in their rewards. Roles within direct sales are often challenging. This is why the atmosphere and support that we provide is so important. The unique culture within TG Worldwide provides the perfect environment to develop personal characteristics and skills that lead to success.

On-going coaching and product training is key to TG Worldwide’s growth. We offer coaching to individuals that demonstrate a positive outlook, are self-motivated and a team player, being able to overcome challenges and above all enjoy breaking comfort zones. Constantly dealing with people you will be a confident communicator – not just a talker – you will need to listen to and influence people. We are proud of our culture. Although highly disciplined, the atmosphere remains informal, fun and team orientated. We thrive on and embrace achievements within the organisation. We recognise personal accomplishments that raise the expectations of others.